Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality and Traits

Scorpio Man Personality and Traits

The Scorpio Man The Scorpio man is not easy to live with. To live with him, you have to respect him. Mere passionate attraction is not enough, you need to understand him very well. He is the master of both, the intellect and the emotions. If you behave, you will be lucky not to witness that part of his which is buried. Because if that part explodes, there is no way to do anydamage control! A Scorpio man, will surround himself with luxury. Excess food, excess drink and excess of love too! Romance is never new to him, he has been aware of it since he was a toddler.

Scorpio Woman Peronality and Traits

The Scorpio Woman Here is a woman who has a secret desire, a secret regret. Regret that why wasn’t she born as a man! That’s a Scorpio woman for you! She has a great deal of inner strength and a confidence of handling anything under the sun. She is not the type of person to melt under some mushy talks and romantic moves, nor is she the one who can be swept off her feet. She is more of a tomboy, if not by looks, then by her mind and heart.

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